Hāna Business Council Mission

Hāna Business Council exists to support business endeavors and to create business and employment opportunities within the special culture and traditions of our East Maui area.


Hāna Business Council History

The Hāna Business Council was founded by Chip Bahouth and Carl Lindquist, General Managers of the Hotel Hāna-Maui when it was controlled by Sheraton Hotels. The Council was subsequently incorporated in 1994, with the purpose of establishing a forum for Hāna businesses, to lobby on their behalf and to improve the Hāna business climate in general.
Over the years it has taken an active role in County policy and public services affecting Hana, often providing testimony and acting as the local sounding board for County proposals. It is vigilant in efforts to protect and improve the services of utilities including broadband in East Maui.


Hāna Business Council Organization

The Hāna Business Council Board consists of up to nine directors, elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting each summer, and holding office for two years. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are then elected by Board members to serve for the ensuing year.

Board meetings are held monthly, which members are welcome to attend.

Newsletters are issued from time to time highlighting matters of interest to the East Maui business community. Members' contributions are welcome.

Membership dues have remained at $50 for many years. There are normally at least two gatherings each year, at which guests are also welcome.