The County Home Business ordinance passed into law in November.  Your board has provided testimony on several occasions, on matters of detail as well as the contention that there are fundamental differences between Hāna and the more urban areas that the rules seem designed to control, and a differentiated approach is appropriate. We noted that the request of Moloka’i and Lana’i to be excluded was rejected.

The definition covers “an enterprise or activity, conducted by the occupant of the dwelling unit where the enterprise or activity takes place and which includes the growing, processing, or manufacturing of a product, or the provision of services, for consideration and profit.” Confusingly, “home business” is a separate concept from “home occupation”, which was already permitted in some districts. In the agricultural district a State special permit continues to be required.

The restrictions applied by the ordinance include hours of operation, the percentage of floor area used, traffic generation, parking and employment. Only one ground or wall sign of up to 2 square feet is permitted. Auto repair and body shops require a special use permit. The full rules are in the ordinance posted on the County website.

Fireworks and Scholarship

We are disappointed that Hāna financial support seems insufficient to fund the New Year fireworks any more, but not surprised after donations fell steeply last year despite your board's great efforts to fundraise.
We have decided, as trailed in the flyers posted on bulletin boards, to apply the funds raised for fireworks to a scholarship which will continue to act as a Lindquist memorial. A committee of the board is working with the school on proposals, which are likely to provide an annual bursary for a graduate headed for business or technical further education and whose acquired skills might one day permit him/her to make a career locally.

A New Invasive Threat

WHAT IS LFA? It is a very dangerous and destructive invasive species that has found its way to Hāna. According to the Department of Agriculture and MISC (Maui Invasive Species Committee) at a meeting held at Helene Hall last week, the LFA has been found in Nahiku on approximately 20 acres of forest area. DOA and MISC are working to contain and eradicate the LFA. LFA deliver a powerful sting causing large, painful welts lasting for days. Stings to pets and livestock can lead to blindness. The presence of LFA could have a devastating effect on the export of agricultural products as well as the negative impacts on the workers and plant health. Awareness is key to controlling and stopping the spread of the LFA. You are asked not to bring in any plants, soil, mulch or other landscape materials from outside of Hāna without a careful check. You can take a proactive approach by testing your property using a chopstick and peanut butter. Go to www.lfa-hawaii.org to find more information about detecting and testing for new introductions of LFA.

Hana Highway

Road surfacing is to continue on from the stretch completed this fall through Keanae to milemarker 14 at Honomanu between 8.00 am and 4.30 pm weekdays, commencing Monday, January 12. Rental owners might like to warn guests to expect delays.

Cell Tower

AT&T is proposing to improve cellular coverage in the Upper Nahiku, Kaeleku to Hāna School area with a new 79' stealth monopine tree tower to be located near mile marker 30. Landscaping will be planted to conceal the facility as much as possible. This site will provide much needed coverage improvement for residents and visitors to the area. There will be a site visit and hearing by the Hāna Advisory Committee on February 9, 2015. Site visit at 2:30 pm at the proposed site and public hearing at 4:00 at Helene Hall. Representatives from the company will be available to answer questions from the community and to provide information requested at the previous Hāna Advisory Committee meeting. If you would like additional information about this proposed project, please attend the HAC meeting. Testimony from the general public is welcome at the meeting.

Ag Bill

Maui County Council is considering a new bill, EAR-13, drafted by Councilman Don Guzman and the "Agricultural Working Group" as a collaborative community effort to increase farmers' ability to sell products and promote food sustainability. The Agricultural Working Group was formed last summer by Maui farmers, ranchers, flower farmers, beekeepers, nursery owners and representatives from the Maui County Farm Bureau, the Maui Farmers Union, the Maui Cattlemen's association, and the Maui Coffee Growers Association. Meetings were held with various agricultural stands and other farmers when drafting legislation that will bring Maui County code in step with State laws (specifically the changes introduced by SB2375 passed in 2012).

The proposed amendment would allow two new classes of uses and structures on agriculturally zoned lands as long as they are accessory to the primary agricultural use, permitting both Agricultural Retail Structures and Agricultural Retail Food Establishments in addition to the existing allowed open-air Agricultural Products Stand. The Agricultural Retail and Food Establishment structures may be fully enclosed.

Currently only agricultural products grown on Maui and value-added products using ingredients grown on Maui can be sold at roadside agricultural stands. The EAR-13 proposal will expand it to statewide and allow the retail sale of agricultural products grown in Hawaii, and the sale of value-added products that were produced using agricultural products grown in Hawaii, and other food items.

The EAR-13 proposal has just been sent back to committee from the Maui Planning Commission and there will be another opportunity for public testimony when this issue comes up in the EAR committee.

Link to EAR-13 Bill pertaining to commercial agricultural structures in the agricultural district.

EAR Committee Meeting Minutes including public testimony on EAR-13

The Fire Station

Our Hāna firemen do a great job watching over us, but receive less recognition than they deserve. Gale Notestone, Fire Captain and a valued member of your board, writes:

February 1, 2015, marks the 20th Anniversary of the Hāna Fire Station. The station started with three crews of three. Nine men total. Today, the station is fully staffed with three crews of 5. A total of 15 personnel. I say personnel because Hāna hasthe only female fire fighter within its staff, FF III Lani Gomes. She works as the fire truck driver on my shift. She started two months ago in Hāna; it is great to have her as part of our crew.

I am one of the three captains that work here. I have the distinct honor to be Hāna's first resident fire captain. In fact 7 of our 15 personnel live in the Hāna District, providing vital local knowledge in reaching incidents fast. The Hāna District runs from Honomanu Bay to Kaupo Store. We also have an ongoing address project that promotes the use of reflective address signs, very beneficial in locating an address at night. The crews at Engine 7 (station number), work a 72-hour shift. Three straight days. Though the Hāna Fire Station is considered a 'slow/quiet' station, the crews have an assortment of trainings that are to be completed each month, as well as yard, truck and station house maintenance. Every Wednesday, county wide, all fire stations do the yard. The fire department is a paramilitary style management.

Other items that we train for is disaster preparedness, such as the threat of hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, etc. We work closely with our Civil Defense Office, Red Cross, Police, Medics, Hāna Health, Public Works, Airports, State Highways, Maui Electric, Oheo National Park, State/County Parks and Rec. And, of course, Dawn Lono. Dawn is and has been instrumental in 'getting the word out' through Mr. Robert Carroll's Office, and contact with other State and County officials. Dawn is an overseer of the concerns of Hāna and she brings many items to the attention of the Hāna Fire Station, such as upcoming events and meetings. Our special thanks to her.

The Hāna Fire Station belongs to the general public, and we invite all to visit the station. You can see the equipment we use up close and answer any questions you may have. The station phone number is 808-248-7525. But if it's an emergency, call 911.

All the crew at the Hāna Fire Station take pride that they work in Hāna, and recognize that this is a very special place. We strive to keep you safe.